The irony of me blogging about the apartment I ended up getting…

Home sweet hole…at least with a view.

Some funny shit…life is. Turns out I got the very place I blogged about below. The place where 40 others pushed and shoved along with me to view the place…somehow, I have no friggin’ idea…I was the one they called back. That is nuts.

Yes, I am the proud renter of a place in NeuKölln…near the border to Kreuzberg…a very hip neighborhood that the trend-douchbags call Kreuz-kölln.

I just call it my ugly hole apartment…and that is probably why I got it, because half the people were scared off…and the other half were bums who would settle for such a hole but don’t have good credit…and I like it that way cause it’s cheep.

And because I’m right in the middle of endless bars and restaurants, a heavily Turkish/immigrant neighborhood, the Turkish street market along the Landwehr canal four blocks away, one of the best  felafal joints ever (Sudanese Tamiya) right across the street, one of the best Asian Supermarkets only 3 U-Bahn (subway) stops away, my favorite park is only 5 blocks away, and the street is paved with cobblestones, indeed even my sidewalk.

It’s the fifth floor, no elevator, and I can’t wait to carry my fridge up those stairs.

Fuck yea.


About Andrew Flohr-Spence

Something about the sound and the word. Was a singer/bassist for five years, a German major for five, an English teacher in Germany for another five, then a journalism major in Denver for 5 more, and now I'm back in Berlin (for a while, I intend).
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