Berlin Graffiti: Bald Buzzards, Boomers and humanity as a kindergarten

The symbol of America’s Bald Eagle has been replaced by a Greedy Grey Buzzard, an aged vulture feeding on the already stripped carcass of the country’s dead dream.

There is no meat left for the children this winter. And that, now, world-wide. Politics aside…business is running the show anyway.

But what do I know? Who am I? If I have a cold day in hell’s chance of figuring this all out, I ain’t aware of it. It’s all very complicated.

I just notice that a few have all the apples…and the rest of us, none.

Something holds me back. If I happen to get my shit together for a period, if I start feeling confident, if I begin to believe…invariably, at some, point I wake up with a shock.

“What the? I thought we were getting somewhere, and here we are again.”

I wake up in my jail. Serving time again. A citizen’s arrest of my own progress.

So then, of course, I want to figure out what makes me arrest myself. But how, when I am unable to understand the charges against me? When I ask myself to explain the guilty verdict, I avoid answering the questions.

Every attempt to isolate the problem results in the problem scurrying off and hiding somewhere anew.


I needed a step back from what I was writing three months ago which I was increasingly finding quite self-important, and just cheesy crap, really. I guess half of me is a depressive, drama-queen, moody artist type…which makes the logical part of me cringe, wanna’ vomit on my crybaby-ass self…but hey, that just me.

The problem is that anything you do is self-important crap, by the very fact that you do it. I guess the question is for who or for what you create your art. Everything depends on your subject matter.


It all comes down to whether or not I consider myself a special snowflake, or just like every other poor sucker.

If I realize I am just like everyone, I feel grounded, authentic, legitimate…but then I start thinking “what makes me so special to write a bunch of shit.”

If I pretend I’m special, I start writing, but eventually get the distinct feeling I am disconnected from reality.

Thank whatever god something is pushing me back off my lazy ass. Jesus.

I am not sure if I’m talking about myself right now, or if I’m talking about the plight of every human on this planet.

Might as well try to stand up for what you believe.

Mutiny, if that’s your cup of tea.

The Me Generation, the Generation of Swine, the Boomers are consuming anything and everything they can scrounge for themselves before its gone, jealously guarding the last of the provisions as the crew of the adrift and rudderless ship starve. They are apparently betting on armageddon…the end of the world. Then, it doesn’t really matter if they’ve used up the last of everything.

Breaking News! No End of the World is coming. Sad fact.

Not in the clean and tidy sense, at least. Perhaps a horrible collapse again into war, social upheaval and  general chaos…which could very well, at this nuclear day and age, spell the destruction of our species…but there ain’t no Rapture in that. Only suffering.

Women and children first. As always.

We actually must deal with this world and these problems…they are not going away.

No one is getting beamed to heaven, unless we all go together.

Humanity is like kindergarten. We share everything whether we want to or not.

Read your bibles, Korans, Torahs, whathaveyous, again. Your Heaven or Hell, your virgins, chaos or nirvana, are found right here on earth.

That’s the central metaphor.

Humanity has always been a team effort.

It’s Liberty, Solidarity, Equality, for all, or we all suffer in hell.

Right here, right now, 24/7 365.

And currently a bunch of red-faced dicks with horns and pitchforks are running the show.

Too stupid to even fool us fools anymore.

Mutiny is only a matter of time. Gaddafi, the fate of the fat cats.

Egypt is coming.

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About Andrew Flohr-Spence

Something about the sound and the word. Was a singer/bassist for five years, a German major for five, an English teacher in Germany for another five, then a journalism major in Denver for 5 more, and now I'm back in Berlin (for a while, I intend).
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6 Responses to Berlin Graffiti: Bald Buzzards, Boomers and humanity as a kindergarten

  1. Litchi says:

    i cant tell if this post is very positive, or very negative…

    • it is both. I am very opitimistic…but we are living in very negative times. Mostly, as far as I can see the choices we are making right now will decide whether we slide into world war in the next decade, or if humanity evolves a little bit and starts working together…but those in power are making very wrong choices right now, and few people are paying attention.

      • of course…as Eqypt, Greece, and occupy Wall Street show…more and more people are paying attention…I just wish we would connect the dots and realize we are all struggling with the same problem: the greed of a few fat men at the top.

      • Litchi says:

        When was it better though? In the 60’s when the world was this close to a nuclear apocalypse, when the third world was just one gigantic civil war, when husbands could beat up their wives and they couldn’t get a divorce? Or in the 30’s when fascism was rising all over Europe, jews and homosexuals were being detained and killed, and 90% of the world’s population was being oppressed in the colonies? Or in the 1900s when children worked in factories and people died by the age of 40 of tuberculosis? Or even before that?

        I’m not saying, oh we have it good now and we should just shut up. But i’m just not sure that the myth of a golden age somewhere in the past is really helping us improve ourselves effectively. I do believe we can make the world better, zero doubt there. But i also think we have it good compared to many of our grandparents, and maybe we should acknowledge that a little more? Maybe it could help us take a more positive approach to the fight for a better world and maybe it could be more effective? I feel demonstrating more or less aggressively, complaining, and demanding change hasn’t brought about significant successes in the past. Compared to just implementing the very change we want, at our own little level, and hoping everyone follows.

        Maybe it’s easy to say when you don’t live in the US where the wall street+government pressure is probably very very strong.

  2. That’s just it. I am being a bit “chicken little” but I think we are moving back toward such bad times. History repeats itself to a certain extent and it always starts with the economy, then countries start fighting, then womenand other ‘minorities’ lose their rights. I do think the “third world” in parts is better off now, but what worries me is the collapse of the West: the West will do everything it can to hold on to its power and I fear will go down swinging at the rest of the world. I just hope it doesn’t come to that…but we are also living in a time of exceptional media stupidity with I phones and crap…I’m not sure if it connects us or divides us more.

    • Actually…I have to revise this.
      Humanity is doomed, no question, 100 %. It is nice that a few things have improved but most things are on the fast track back to oppression. We have failed to do anything about the climate…we are quickly driving most everything extinct, and we can’t even treat ourselves decent. Nope. No chance.

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