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Non Random Sample Spreepark

“In GDR, you amused park…,” I always laughed to myself. The reason I’d never been inside had nothing to do with my repressed fear of all things clown, circus, carny or even county fair. No. And neither did the idea of … Continue reading

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Reflection crazy

Give me a mossy lamp, a broken window with a good reflection in it, an old funky mosaic or a little chalk in the form of…(is it a cat?) and you’ve got me distracted for at least a good while. I’ll plop … Continue reading

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Accidental trip to wonderland

Once upon a time, under a government long-fallen, there was an amusement park in Berlin. Yes, even Communists amused themselves. I’d known the park was there, had walked past many times, but there are a lot of ruins in Berlin. If I just … Continue reading

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East-West exchange

I’m only on the other side of the river and up the street from where I used to live–maybe a mile and a half away from the old place–of course, twenty some years ago that would have been quite an extreme move. I’d … Continue reading

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The Berlin Wall: still dividing after all these years

You ever been talkin’ to some person in maybe a bar or somewhere…this is another American you’re talkin’ to…and somehow something about the Civil War comes up, and you realize they have a very different take on the same history, they … Continue reading

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A fairytale of the Berlin Wall: August 13, 1961 and the Big Bad Line

Things had been kind of nervous in Berlin, since the day two months before when the leader of the GDR, Walter Ulbricht, had sort of spilled the beans in answer to a reporter’s question: The Allies had formed a state. Would the Soviets … Continue reading

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Naming Squares after artists, humanitarians, revolutionaries and…Ronald Reagan.

Except the first nine or so shots taken around my neighborhood (United Nations Square and Strausberger Square) the pictures are mostly from my wanderings around a rather imposing Plattenbau settlement in the middle of infamous Marzahn, centered around the Anton Saefkow square, … Continue reading

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