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Three Lakes

One of the first things you learn when you live in Germany is when the sun happens to shine, you take advantage of it. Any hesitation and you will be sitting there at some point on a rainy July day … Continue reading

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Random Sample Episode Three

Random Sample is back! Alas, my little Kodak died after a long illness, so I got  a new camera, one of them Hero 960. Don’t expect me to jump off any cliffs or to go parachuting anytime soon, let me just say … Continue reading

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Sunday lost and found

‘Tis a poor workman who blames his tools, but…  Kind of frustrated at this point now that WordPress has erased the last two versions of this text. I try to blog for the first time here in months and the fucker … Continue reading

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Tyred, cloudy and missing my gloves and pacifier

There are those who say that art is meaningless, that it simply represents what it is. A picture of deer in a meadow maybe. A canvas full of color splashes. A funny sculpture that doesn’t even look realistic. A prudent long-term investment. I, on the … Continue reading

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Berlin Graffiti: Bald Buzzards, Boomers and humanity as a kindergarten

The symbol of America’s Bald Eagle has been replaced by a Greedy Grey Buzzard, an aged vulture feeding on the already stripped carcass of the country’s dead dream. There is no meat left for the children this winter. And that, now, … Continue reading

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Graffiti, heartbreak and American preachers

Up the cool echoing stairs from the U-bahn, pausing to lay a cigarette between my lips, to light, to inhale, to light again, and to take a long,  off-work-for-the-day drag off that cigarette—basically, a nicotine sigh—I turned the corner out … Continue reading

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Berlin Graffiti, episode two

Untenstehend, is another random sampling of Berlin graffiti for your viewing pleasure. Also, I give my broader theory about the graffiti in Berlin. I’ll get to that…but first I want to warn viewers: A Black-and-White, adult-audience CSD surprise lurks at the end of the slide … Continue reading

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