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Berlin Graffiti, episode two

Untenstehend, is another random sampling of Berlin graffiti for your viewing pleasure. Also, I give my broader theory about the graffiti in Berlin. I’ll get to that…but first I want to warn viewers: A Black-and-White, adult-audience CSD surprise lurks at the end of the slide … Continue reading

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May Day in Berlin

 May Day in Berlin. Based in whatever dancing-gayly-around-the-May-Pole pagan history, for more than a hundred years May Day in Berlin is the holiday where you express your political philosophy. Even if that is having no political philosophy. May Day means ‘take this day and … Continue reading

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Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain)

[Two videos and random other photos below!] The name Teufelsberg, ‘Devil’s Mountain,’ is a misnomer all around. The Berliner-beloved hill on the city’s western edge is neither a mountain, nor should it be blamed on some demon. Teufelsberg should be called, “Humanity Heap.” That mound of … Continue reading

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