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Teufelsberg update + Non Random Sample

Five am and my train moans to a stop at Army Street Station on the west side of Berlin. I check the time. One hour until sunrise. An early bird, I am today, with a mouth full of worms, but I … Continue reading

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Accidental trip to wonderland

Once upon a time, under a government long-fallen, there was an amusement park in Berlin. Yes, even Communists amused themselves. I’d known the park was there, had walked past many times, but there are a lot of ruins in Berlin. If I just … Continue reading

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Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain)

[Two videos and random other photos below!] The name Teufelsberg, ‘Devil’s Mountain,’ is a misnomer all around. The Berliner-beloved hill on the city’s western edge is neither a mountain, nor should it be blamed on some demon. Teufelsberg should be called, “Humanity Heap.” That mound of … Continue reading

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An open letter to Detroit from a confessed Ruin Pornographer

First of all, People of Detroit, take a pill and calm down. You seem upset. We Ok? Ok. While I have never visited you specifically, Dear Detroit, I feel accused for what I do in Berlin: take pictures of the city’s … Continue reading

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Plattenbau, not yet ‘torn asunder’

Maybe I watch too many horror movies. Tip-toeing over the broken glass on the overgrown street, alone and surrounded by the ghostly abandoned buildings I could have sworn I felt eyes watching me from the dark empty windows above. Birds rummaged in the … Continue reading

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Plattenbau, “Torn Asunder”

What happens when a million and a half people leave a city? Detroit is learning this, New Orleans learned some about this a few years back, and twenty years ago Berlin wrote the book. Actually, twenty years ago, when the wall … Continue reading

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