Three Lakes

062bOne of the first things you learn when you live in Germany is when the sun happens to shine, you take advantage of it. Any hesitation and you will be sitting there at some point on a rainy July day thinking “Fuck…I missed summer this year.”

This week I had a rare three days off in a row, and all three days the sun was shining. Despite the fact that my apartment needed cleaning, that my laundry needed washing, that I could have run some errands, and/or stood in a line or two to get whatever business done, without so much as a moment’s thought about all that, I grabbed my swimsuit, a towel and my camera and headed for the beach. Continue reading

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Teufelsberg update + Non Random Sample

010bFive am and my train moans to a stop at Army Street Station on the west side of Berlin. I check the time.

One hour until sunrise.

An early bird, I am today, with a mouth full of worms, but I am on a mission. A mission of love to visit an old friend I have written about before. I got me a date with the sunrise at Devil’s Mountain. A film I made is below. Continue reading

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Non Random Sample Spreepark

“In GDR, you amused park…,” I always laughed to myself. The reason I’d never been inside had nothing to do with my repressed fear of all things clown, circus, carny or even county fair. No. And neither did the idea of an abandoned Communist-built amusement park completely horrify me. Nope.

“There were no ghosts,” I told myself.

(Below is a video mash-up of early March sunrises in Treptower park, mixed with images of the abandoned fun park, Spreepark, some of which I posted here)

Continue reading

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Reflection crazy

Give me a mossy lamp, a broken window with a good reflection in it, an old funky mosaic or a little chalk in the form of…(is it a cat?) and you’ve got me distracted for at least a good while.

I’ll plop right down on the sidewalk in the middle of rush hour with my camera jammed into my eye and the crowds milling around me.

I’m happier than a fly at a dog park.

Here’s a few picts. Continue reading

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Random Sample Episode Three

212bRandom Sample is back! Alas, my little Kodak died after a long illness, so I got  a new camera, one of them Hero 960.

Don’t expect me to jump off any cliffs or to go parachuting anytime soon, let me just say right now, but it’s a pretty cool little camera.

Still learning the camera/video cutting ropes, but I’m starting to get a bit faster with producing these. Continue reading

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Accidental trip to wonderland

Once upon a time, under a government long-fallen, there was an amusement park in Berlin. Yes, even Communists amused themselves. I’d known the park was there, had walked past many times, but there are a lot of ruins in Berlin. If I just hopped every fence in the city, I would never get anything done. But there it was…a big gaping hole in the fence…and I couldn’t resist. despite myself.

I tumbled down the hole into Wonderland. Continue reading

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Sunday lost and found

‘Tis a poor workman who blames his tools, but…  Kind of frustrated at this point now that WordPress has erased the last two versions of this text. I try to blog for the first time here in months and the fucker won’t jive.

I said something about spring being around the corner and that today I was wandering around and taking pictures…and it was funny. You should laugh at my blog. It’s funny what I wrote and is now disappeared into the ethernet. Good shit.

You should laugh.

And enjoy my pictures. Continue reading

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